Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Blogging Break

Hi, Just wanted to say I`ll be away from my blog for the next few weeks, I have a guest staying with me for a short while then I will be changing rooms around and putting my new craft room together, decorating my bedroom and getting a new carpet laid etc. So I won`t have much time for crafting. Hopefully I`ll be back with a renewed vigour for crafting once my new craft room is up and running (I must say I`m not looking forward to shifting my craft stash, I`ll probably find things I haven`t seen for years LOL!)

So bye for now, be back soon xxx


  1. Have a lovely time and good luck with craft room
    Louise xx

  2. Hi Sara, hope your re-organisation and decorating is going according to plan. It's 'orrible doing it but its lovely once its done.
    Don't over do it. Mel xx


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